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Unparalleled Innovation In Hookah Design
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See something you have never seen before and won't see anywhere else
Meet the new HELLFIRE hookah range
made by our dream team of artists, designers and engineers
manufactured with low maintenance in mind combined with artistic flair
with meticulous attention to detail all our hookahs are presented in stylish storage cases
«Open ocean»
Wind of freedom and discovery
«Smoke on the water»
Long live Rock 'n' Roll
The flask is made of fine quality high strength glass and enclosed in a special frame. The face of the hookah is illustrated with a sailing ship to complement the seafaring theme of this range.

The base contains a unique light module developed by our specialists. The backlit bulb emphasis the refined patterns of the panel etching which creates the illusion that the ship navigates the stormy sea.
The hose, made of food-grade silicone, is placed in a decorative case with a brass sheath to prevent twisting. The combination of springy metal and soft silicone brings comfort and tactile pleasure to the hand of the smoker. Attached to the outlet by a threaded joint, the hose provides excellent sealing and reliable connection.
The broad base of the hookah, finished in cork, provides functional stability.
The Persistence of Memory
«Open ocean»
Wind of freedom and discovery
Chronos is inspired by the sublime imagination of Salvador Dali. His iconic surrealist picture 'Persistence of Memory' is behind our inspiration. All the elements are chosen in the spirit of his extraordinary perception of the world surrounding him. Few people have the capability to see the unusual sense in ordinary things, to view life through a prism to seemingly present the unremarkable to appear as extraordinary, so the observer can't take their eyes off this masterly transformation.
The front part of the hookah is decorated with dials stylised from the 'melting time pieces'. Beautifully decorated yet retains slenderness thanks to the refinement of its lines and filigree metalwork.
In the continuation of the theme, an hourglass is attached to the body from the side, placed in a casing with an exquisite pattern. They can be used, including, and in order to detect the time necessary for warming up the bowl.
«Smoke on the water»
Long live Rock 'n' Roll
The Persistence of Memory
The driving force behind this design is our passion for good old fashioned rock'n'roll, the soundtrack of our youth. These legendary tunes make our blood run faster and our hearts beat quicker. With the first sounds of guitar chords you feel energy crackling in the air, life feels full of possibilities! .

As before, we are faithful to the basic concept of our hookahs - it does not look like any other and it still perfectly smokes.
When you see this hookah, the first thing your eye catches is a guitar model. On closer inspection, it's not just a plain model but the iconic Fender Stratocaster. Look closer and you'll discover the notes from the immortal Deep Purple hit Smoke On The Water carved on the metal frets.
Our SOTW doesn't only please the eye with its clean lines, in skilful hands it can elicit some genuine guitar riffs
The piece de resistance to delight rock fans is the real tuning fork which doubles as the mouthpiece of the hookah.
To Each His Own
The standard diameter mouthpiece is perfectly suitable for use with common disposable nozzles. For your pleasure our hookahs are supplied with innovative Teflon nozzles which enhance the hookah flavours and deliver a special chic to the smoking experience.
At the Heart of the Hookah
Manufactured with durable glass, the bulb of HELLFIRE doesn't only illustrate the main theme of the series but is also distinctive by its original construction: the special hookah casing provides protection and easy maintenance.
The Real Deal
The barometers in the OPEN OCEAN series are genuine and can determine atmospheric pressure.
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